Beauty Influencer and Youtuber, Nigerian – American Jackie Aina is getting royally dragged by her edges from Los Angeles to Lagos and back by irate Nigerians on Twitter!

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Why? You might ask. Well the Influencer just launched her new candle collection which she called ‘Owambe‘ .. okay fair enough. Then she goes to name one of the candles ‘Soro Soke;!! *Cue to the music going off key. Okay for those not in the know, ‘Soro Soke’ is a Yoruba word that means ‘Speak up’ but it was also the rallying cry of Nigerians during last year’s End SARS protest against police brutality and general oppression by the Nigerian Government where many people lost their lives.

What made people even more mad was the fact that when it was happening last year, Jackie categorically refused to use her platform to speak about it and she allegedly said she will need to research more about it. Yes. She did say that. She also reportedly blocked people that spoke to her about it but now, here she is she is selling a product she brands ‘Soro Soke’ – the rallying cry of the protest? A protest that;s still sore to many and caused the deaths and detention of so many? No! Nigerians were not having it. They let her have it.





Apparently this is not her first time. The influencer is said to also sold a fragrance during that period called ‘End SARS’. We did not make that up. See below

*Sigh! Well she did put out a press release on her page and take the said offensive candle off her site and Sephora stores.

What can we say? Is it too little too. late? Is it enough to save the blight that it undoubtedly cast on her  brand? Hmmm… its left to be seen,

By Bola Aduwo

Bola wears several hats. Writing and editing this website is one of them. She also writes screenplay for movies, does PR, promotion and is also a Content Producer. A die-hard Nollywood fan and contributor, she loves Jesus, Nollywood, Africa & The Arts/Entertainment and in that order.

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